Bald Eagle Turbine Sales, LLC.

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Quality Control

Bald Eagle Turbine Sales, LLC. is a member of ASA. The Aviation Suppliers Association's Standard (ASA-100)


is globably recongnized and listed as an acceptable quality system standard in the Federal Aviation Administration Advisory


Circular 00-56 (latest revision), Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program (FAA AC 00-56).





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The companies Quality Manual and Quality Procedures cover several sections,

including but not limted to:


  •  Quality System & Quality Manual


  •  Self Audit & Evaluation


  •  Facilities


  •  Training & Authorized Personnel


  •  Procurement


  •  Measuring & Test Equipment


  •  Material Control & Shelf Life


  •  Certification & Release Of Materials


  •  Shipping & Receiving


  •  Records & Technical Data


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