Bald Eagle Turbine Sales, LLC.

                                              Y O U R    P A R T N E R    F O R    A L L    Y O U R    A E R O S P A C E    N E E D S






               Phone: (602) 454-1110               Fax: (602) 454-1112                E-mail:

Repair & Overhaul Sourcing





Bald Eagle Turbine Sales, LLC. offers repair & overhaul sourcing services for a

wide range of airplane engines and airframes, avionics systems and other parts, components and accessories.




            In partnership with our trusted network of qualified repair and

            maintenance facilities Bald Eagle Turbine Sales, LLC. offers

            these repair and overhaul management services to a world wide

            network of clients. It allows us to to provide our customers

            with the most efficient and cost-effective repair and overhaul

            solutions for all of their aviation parts and components.




Our aviation repair and overhaul services include logistics support for the entire repair cycle, complete inspection of the parts before and after repair services, verification of reports and certificates issued and up to date status report on the repair progress.




       Reduce cost, save time & resources


                              by taking advantage of our expertise today.




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