Bald Eagle Turbine Sales, LLC.

                                              Y O U R    P A R T N E R    F O R    A L L    Y O U R    A E R O S P A C E    N E E D S






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Products & Services

  • commercial & military applications
  • airlines, repair stations, distributors/brokers
  • assemblies, LRU's & piece parts
  • original equipment manufacturer & PMA
  • APU & main engine components
  • avionics & electronics


Consigment Material

     *   supporting airlines & repair stations

     *   reducing excess inventory

     *   increasing working capital

     *   eliminating requirements to add staff or consume excisting staff with endles RFQ's

     *   improve visability

     *   simplyfied logistics


Repair & Overhaul Sourcing

  • assisting domestic and international airlines
  • offering manual repairs, DER's, SFAR's
  • for engine piece parts & LRU's,
  • instruments, controls and accessories
  • focusing on quality, fast & reliable turn times
  • with low cost repairs, overhauls