Bald Eagle Turbine Sales, LLC.

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About Us

Bald Eagle Turbine Sales, LLC. works with three sectors within aviation/aerospace:



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Aftermarket Spare Parts

As a global distributor of commercial & military aircraft spare parts, Bald Eagle Turbine Sales, LLC. has build strong relationships with a wide variety of international customers. Providing exceptional customer service and quality products, paired with competitive pricing has been and continues to be focus of the business.

Repair & Overhaul Outsourcing

Value added service is offered by Bald Eagle Turbine Sales, LLC. in form of repair & overhaul outsourcing services. With over 45 years of combined industry experience the company manages all aspects of outsourcing: from complete engines to sub-assemblies or simple piece parts. Improved productivity is achieved with consistant communication between customers and repair facilities, quick turn times

and precise logisitcs of every single order.

Inventory Management

Cost reduction plays a major role for airlines, repair shop and just about every facility. Eradicate excess material and sell off slow moving parts are key elements. When paired with reduction of their man power the result is: IMPROVED CASH FLOW.